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Advanced Photo System Features

(This was a great idea. However, do to the popularity of digital cameras and the slow sales of film cameras, APS cameras are no longer made.)

1. Three Picture Sizes:
* Advanced Photo System cameras let you choose from three different picture sizes while you shoot: (C) for 4" X 6" Classic Prints, (H) for 4" X7" HDTV/Group prints, and (P) for 4" X 10" or 4" X 11" Panoramic prints. You can get creative to capture landscapes, group shots, close-ups, portraits and more.
* You can even change sizes when reprinting or enlarging. No matter what size you originally chose for your photo, you can reprint it in any of the three sizes. Just another way the Advanced Photo System makes pictures better.

2. Drop-In Loading:
* Loading Advanced Photo System film is easy and error free. Simply open the film cassette chamber, drop in the film, and close the door. There's no threading, winding or worry - the camera does it all.
* Handy exposure indicators on Advanced Photo System Film cassettes tell you if you film is (1) unexposed, (2) partially exposed, (3 fully exposed, or (4) processed. So there's less chance you'll process a blank roll or reload an exposed roll.

3. Smaller, Lightweight Cameras:
* You can pack and carry Advanced Photo System cameras anywhere. They fit easily in a bag, purse or pocket. And they're so easy to use, you'll want to take them everywhere - to take more great pictures.
* Different Advanced Photo System camera models have other great features like: auto focus, auto exposure, interchangeable and zoom lenses, built-in automatic flash, waterproof design, creative exposure controls, close-up/macro focusing and more. We can help you choose the right model for you.

4.Index Print:
* Handy Index Prints let you see every picture on your cassettes at a glance. You get one with every processed Advanced Photo System film cassette.
* Find the pictures you want quickly and easily when making reprints to share with family and friends.

5. Negatives Returned in Cassette:
*You get your negatives back in the original cassette for easy, safe storage. There's no handling negative strips, and no hassle when searching for you favorite images.
*Optional storage cases hold up to 12 film cassettes and their Index Prints. They're roughly the size of a videotape box, so you can store your processed cassettes easily and safely.

6. Unique ID Number:
* It makes finding your favorite photos easier than ever. Just find the cassette ID number on the front of your Index Print. It's the same number that's on the back of the prints from that roll and the corresponding film cassette. Find the cassette with the matching ID number, and you're ready to reprint.
* To order reprints: just note the frame numbers of the pictures you want to reprint or enlarge from the front of your Index Print or the back of the pictures. Then bring the cassette in. It's that easy. No more squinting at negatives of searching shoeboxes!

7. It Lets You Do More:
* The Advanced Photo system takes traditional film to the next level. An enhanced magnetic film coating records scene data that's used during processing to give you the best possible pictures, print after print.
* It's a gateway to other technologies that lets you use pictures in new and exciting ways, like editing, scanning and transmitting electronically. Your potential with the Advanced Photo System is almost limitless.

8. It's the Perfect Gift:
* People who have tried the Advanced Photo System love it. So it's sure to be a welcome gift for your friends or family members. They'll enjoy the benefits of better pictures and big possibilities for years to come.
* Give the photo system that gives you more. There's no better gift for someone who loves taking pictures and creating memories than something that makes it better, easier and more fun. How many more reasons do you need?


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