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by: Vickie Belt

Treat your camera like you would a good friend...... If you go into a restaurant or store...let your camera go with you. Some of the best travel photos I have are those while relaxing during lunch or shopping in unusual places.

Never put your camera in the trunk of a car! The vibration can create a few loose screws (In your friend or your camera)

During summertime, leaving your camera locked up in your trunk or car for extended periods can lead to expensive repair costs. The lubricants inside the equipment can vaporize in extreme heat. When the temperature cools, the lubricant can accumulate on other parts of the equipment, for example, on the diaphragm blades of a lens where it causes the blades to stick resulting in overexposure.

Cameras that are not specifically designed for "all weather", or labeled as "water proof" should be kept away from wet conditions. The electronic components of today do not lend themselves to high moisture conditions. Cameras that are labeled as such are sealed at all openings against moisture damage. Disposable (Oops!) Recyclable cameras are available for that romp on the beach at a very reasonable cost when you consider the alternatives.

For those ski trips, I also recommend all weather type cameras. If you are willing to chance your present equipment, then try sealing the camera in a plastic zip lock bag and sucking all the air out to create a vacuum. Only take the camera out when shooting and remove all of the air before returning to the warm interior of the ski lodge. This will prevent condensation from occurring to cause moisture damage or crystallizing when it refreezes upon returning to the great outdoors.

There are many new configurations of bags, backpacks and camera vests available in our store to make carrying your camera equipment more comfortable. The more you take your camera with you, the more pictures you will take, and the better at taking them you will get!


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