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Photographer's Holiday Gift Guide

OK, it is that time again (Holiday Season) and with any luck someone be buying your presents. Maybe they will you ask you what want - or maybe they won't. In either case be prepared. Are you stocked-up on their, perfume, socks and pens? Well then, consider the following alternatives.

Lead Lined Film Container
This inexpensive item is extremely useful, practically a necessity. This container protects film from x-ray, dust, heat and moisture.  Especially useful for anyone who takes film on airplane trips.

Camera Bag
Tired of lenses and film rolling round in the car? Have a hard time finding the film you took last Sunday? Protect your film and equipment and keep it together with a camera bag. Camera bags come in all sizes and styles. There is nothing wrong with having more than one. One to store and transport everything, And, one to take with you.  A back pack camera bag is great for the photographer on the go.

Photo Albums and Frames
Boxes stuffed and drawers bulging with photos and negatives? Nice photo albums, frames and negative storage pages are what you need. The coming winter months will be a good time sort and organize your work.

Camera Strap
Camera straps aren't what they use to be. Skinny is out, wide is in. Move into the 00's with a brightly colored wide stretchy strap. You will be the envy of all you see and your camera will ride more comfortable on your neck or shoulder.

A tripod will expand your photo-taking limits. They come in a variety of sizes and price ranges. There are even super light-weight models for back-packing.

Electronic Flash
Every photographer needs at least one dependable flash unit. Even hard-core outdoor photographers benefit from a small fill flash on occasion. Many photographers have several flash units each selected for a particular use.  The LumiQuest System is wonderful for improving the quality of light you get form a flash.

  Cleaning Supplies
Any photographer can use something to keep his or her equipment clean.

Digital Camera Memory Cards and Rechargeable Batteries
Digital camera users need extra memory cards to so they don't run out of space in the middle of an important shoot.  It's like running out of film...

Still Photography Books & Tutorials
Everyone can use some education

Digital Picture Frames
Help your photographer show off their work

Multi Purpose Tools
A photographer can never have enough tools and gadgets

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