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by W.C. JONES 5/23/90

Photographic style is a part of photography where
individualistic views are allowed to exist. These same views will
not always be excepted by everyone. A rather good example of this
would be one of my thirty-five millimeter slides, titled #473 RED
TULIP. This particular slide was photographed in Dallas in 1990,
and has a particularly interesting story, For my friends at
Warehouse Photographic, this being my home camera store, and one
of the few places on earth I truly enjoy spending time at, perhaps
the story of slide #473 RED TULIP will provide help for other
photographers. Now on to the story.

In December of this year I decided to attempt marketing a
flower slide portfolio. This portfolio consisted of twelve of the
best flower portraits I had compiled throughout my sixteen years
with the camera. This portfolio went to every photographic magazine
in the United States, and later it would also be sent to nearly
every photographic publisher in state of Texas. I really believer
in the slides, but guess what?, no editor, or Art Director bought
the material.


I had given it my very best shot, I read every book on the
subject of photographic marketing, I had talked to successful
photographers about their careers, but there I sat alone with those
twelve slides.

I continued to photograph flowers, each time a new slide would
really catch my eye, I would substitute it for one of the twelve
in the portfolio. That portfolio got sent off once again along with
a story I wrote, you see, I want to write about photography also.
In about a month the portfolio came home, but it came by next-day
air with a letter.

That letter reads a bit like this, "We are sorry that we will
be unable to use your article material at this time." The letter
goes on to state that we "greatly admire your photographs", and we
would like to purchase slide# 473, and others to be used in our
magazine for one page articles on how great photographs were taken.

The letter was from an Editor of one of my favorite
photographic magazines, and he said that my material would run in
the July/August issue. Since this acceptance my work has also been
kept by photographic magazines in California, and publications in


If you push your belief in your own photographic style hard enough,
somebody else will admire it also. The hardest thing I've
accomplished in this lifetime, was presenting a photograph of mine
to one of my peers. My style is just that, it's my style. Believe
in yourself, listen to comments and weigh them fairly. And just
remember one last thing. When your down and out, when your dreams
are scattered and you just can't seem to find that light at the
end-of-the-tunnel, remember slide #473 RED TULIP, Warehouse
Photographic has my number, call if you need any help.


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